NEW ARRIVAl: Acoustic Baffles & Clouds


Introduction of Soundbetter
Mission: Create comfort space by providing highly effective sound absorption product

Suzhou Soundbetter Architectural Materials Co., Ltd is a China-based manufacturing and product development company specializing in advanced PET acoustic panel technology. Soundbetter supplies a diverse range of consumer, commercial acoustic products to markets all over the world.

PET Acoustic Panel is made from 100% polyester, along with needle punching processing. The production process is completely physical and eco-friendly, no waste water, emissions, waste, no adhesive, the porous nature of acoustic panel makes it sound absorption and thermal insulative. Soundbetter supplies all kinds of PET acoustic panels to the market, like solid PET acoustic panel, engraving PET acoustic panel, decorative panel, PET acoustic partition, acoustic baffles etc.

Soundbetter is founded on the principles of innovation, outstanding customer services and committed to environmental best practice in everything it can do.

Why PET Acoustic Panel?
As more and more people consider the possible concerns of fiberglass materials going into their homes or offices, Architects, Builders, and Designers are using safe, soft and easy to install products such as PET acoustic panel to reduce noise along with decoration. 

Why PET acoustic panel is safe?
PET acoustic panel are manufactured by using the latest thermal bonding technology. That means they’re free from chemical binders and toxic glues, making them safer for users as well as eco-friendly.

Why PET acoustic panel can reduce the echo and make sound better?
During production process of PET acoustic panel, there is a special step which is called need-punch, a great many of tiny holes have been made on the board by thousands times of needling. With these tiny holes, when sound comes, it can enter into board through these tiny holes, can’t be reflected.

1.Single-piece baffle

2.50mm air-gap baffle


3.Rounded clouds

4.Diamond Clouds


5.Grid ceiling baffle

6.Square clouds


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